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Achieve Your Goals With
Dr. Ryan Rasner

Empowering men to master confidence, relationships, and success with Dr. Ryan Rasner's transformative coaching and consulting.

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Dr. Ryan Rasner

Dr. Ryan Rasner is a highly sought-after expert coach and consultant who specializes in relationship development, individual success, and professional development. His research has led him to understand the intricacies of relationship development: initiating relationships, maintaining relationships, fixing relationships, or understanding the nuances of overall relationship development.

Dr. Rasner provides individuals and couples a clear path to success through his research based, goal driven approach to coaching. He developed a coaching method based on research in interpersonal communication and psychology. Dr. Rasner's mission is to provide his clients with the tools and knowledge necessary for healthy, happy, and successful lives.


2016 – 2020

Doctor of Philosophy  
    Louisiana State University 
    Department of Communication Studies 
    Concentration: Interpersonal Communication 
    Advisor: Dr. James Honeycutt, Ph.D. 

2014 – 2016

Master of Arts 
    University of Wyoming
    Department of Communication and Journalism 
    Advisor: Dr. Leah LeFebvre, Ph.D

2012 – 2014

 Bachelor of Science
    University of Wyoming
    Major: Social Science/University Honors Program 
    Minor: Environment and Natural Res
    Undergraduate Thesis Advisor: Dr. Li Li, Ph.D

2010 – 2012

Associate of Science Casper College 

Transform into an Unstoppable  Force with Dr. Ryan Rasner

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Unshakable Confidence, No Excuses.

We're not here to boost your confidence; we're here to reclaim it. Dr. Ryan is taking you on a journey to rediscover the damn unshakeable confidence that's been lying dormant within you.

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Relationship Mastery, Not Child's Play

Mastering relationships is not a soft skill; it's an art of dominance. Dr. Ryan Rasner Coaching and Consulting propels you into reshaping your relationships, making them powerful alliances that winners thrive in.

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Fitness Excellence, Not Gym Chatter

Fitness isn't just about lifting weights; it's about embodying power, resilience, and damn vitality. Dr. Ryan's programs go beyond the gym, offering a no-nonsense approach to fitness that complements your journey to success.

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 Victory in Every Damn Arena

This isn’t a coaching program with tunnel vision. Dr. Ryan is your guide to unadulterated success in every arena of your life. Career, personal development, relationships—prepare to dominate it all.

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Coaching that I offer

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1:1 Coaching - The Personal Path to Victory

$250/hour weekly and bi-weekly options available

Imagine having Dr. Ryan Rasner in your corner, focused solely on YOU. That's what 1:1 coaching is all about. It's your personalized journey to reclaiming confidence, mastering relationships, and dominating every damn arena of your life. No group dynamics, no distractions—just you and the unfiltered guidance of a champion.

 ryan rasner services

Group Coaching via the Resurgence Program

Strength in Numbers

Now, for those who thrive in the company of other alphas, the Resurgence Program offers 1:1 & group coaching. It's a brotherhood of men pursuing the same relentless victory. Learn, grow, and conquer together. This is not just coaching; it's a collective uprising towards success. Strength in numbers, brothers.
Whether you prefer the one-on-one intensity or the collective power of group coaching, Dr. Ryan has crafted both avenues for your journey to excellence. The choice is yours, but the destination is the same—unparalleled success.


Starting a business is daunting, and the personal challenges can be overwhelming. Dr. Rasner's coaching provided not just business insights but also focused on personal development, which is crucial for an entrepreneur. His sessions were a mix of practical advice, motivational discussions, and strategic planning. He helped me identify my strengths and areas for improvement, both personally and professionally. His approach is not one-size-fits-all; it's tailored to individual needs and goals. This personalized coaching has been instrumental in my journey, giving me the confidence and clarity to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams.


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